Makes women grow by helping companies how to attract, retain and develop their female workforce.

Our Vision
We have a vision that this world would be a better place when there are more women in higher and decision-making positions.

Our Mission
We help companies to attract, retain and develop their female workforce so women can attain these positions.

In 20 years from now we hope our company seises to exist because there will be no need for it anymore.
*) Big Hairy Audacious Goal

We inspire, inform and connect. Our concept consists of: Superwomen Blog, Superwomen Magazine, Superwomen Events, Superwomen TV and Superwomen Academy.

Superwomen Academy offers a wide range of trainings and masterclasses, excellent advisors and strategies to reach diversity throughout the whole company. All by top notch experts, each in their own field. These topics are about what women have declared they could use help with and are therefore important for our mission to succeed. Which it will, we’re sure of it!

Top notch trainers for everyone

To ensure that everyone can take part in training sessions with these great trainers, we have created several options. The price is mainly determined by the number of participants (15 – 20 participants, 4 – 6 participants or even one-on-one) and the length of the training. That way everyone can learn from a brilliant trainer. Our programs are custom-made to exactly fit the needs of a company but, because of our structure, for a normal price.

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