helps companies to attract, retain and develop their female workforce


Superwomen Academy helps companies to attract more women. We scan every bit of external communication and make sure your employer branding is in order. We help compose gender neutral job opening texts and train the team that handels the applicants on unconscious bias.


We have excellent and well experienced advisors who can help implement strategies to reach diversity throughout the whole company. We developed special programmes to make sure your female talents stay ambitious and don’t walk out the door prematurely.


Superwomen Academy offers a wide range of trainings and masterclasses. All by top notch experts, each in their own field. These topics are what women and HR have declared they could use help with and are therefore important for our mission to succeed. Which it will, we are sure of it!

Featured clients:

It is ridiculous that equality is still an issue.
Because the easiest way to ‘disrupt’ your business is gender balance. Which you can obtain by hiring and promoting women. This results in more revenue, better communication and greater innovation.

To help you achieve gender balance, conventional methods do not work. To this end, we hired the best experts we could find and have come up with unconventional methods.

Being here is the first step. Now take the next; we dare you.

Our Vision

We have a vision that this world would be a better place if there were more gender balance in higher and decision-making positions.

Our Mission

We help companies to attract, retain and develop as many women as possible. So women can obtain these positions.


In 20 years from now, we hope our company ceases to exist because there will be no need for it anymore.
*) Big Hairy Audacious Goal


We inspire, inform and connect. Our total concept consists of Superwomen Blog, Superwomen Magazine, Superwomen Events, Superwomen TV and Superwomen Academy.

What our clients say about us:

I would certainly recommend following one of the trainings of Superwomen Academy, it opened my eyes to the way that men negotiate and how I portray myself to others. The micro-actions are an extra bonus of the programme.

Sonja Boluijt
IR Run Specialist at ABN AMRO

By participating I enlarged my network within Erasmus MC. Sharing experiences was helping and normalising. The speakers were very interesting. I would recommend this programme whole heartedly.

somebody at Erasmus MC

The micro-actions are fast to read and clear, almost always with a nugget of truth/wisdom which makes them useful in a practical way.


I certainly recommend this programme targeted to take the next step in my career. Especially because of the personal insights I got together with practical & pragmatic tips and the network you build with the other women in the group!

Ciska de Graaf- van den Bosch
Senior Business Controller at UWV (government)

I am now more aware of how I present myself and are better capable to convey my ambitions to get things done. It is great to hear from others in the group how they deal with certain things and what tips they have.


Recognising the little voices exercise that undermine your self confidence was great and the openness, honesty and tips of Your Presentation were great. Micro-actions were fun and so true. I would, for sure, recommend these trainings to other women.

Merel Verhaagen
HR Business Consultant at ABN AMRO

The personal attention given, the high quality workshops and good organisation make me want to tell other women to do this program for sure!

Lyanne Bontje
Policy ZW at UWV (government)

I followed the ‘Female Talent Class’ Programme and would recommend this class for the full 100% to other women. Realising that there are more women like me who struggle with the same difficulties was an eye-opener. But especially because the programme makes you stop and realise at things you usually ignore when you keep on going.

Somebody at Erasmus MC

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