All Superwomen Academy training topics have been carefully selected by women and the companies they work for. All the topics have been chosen because of their importance to and influence on the careers of women. They all target a specific area of personal development so women can grow their careers easier and faster.

Top notch trainers for everyone

We then went out and found the best female experts in each country. Top trainers for all levels; we have never understood why trainees on a low salary scale got a B-trainer so we have created solutions for that. All the trainings are very practical and filled with ready-to-use content.

To ensure that everyone can take part in these training sessions, we have created several options. The price is determined by the number of participants,15 – 20 participants, 4 – 6 participants, or even one-on-one, and the length of the training. In this way everyone can learn from a brilliant trainer. Our programmes are custom-made to precisely fit the needs of a company but because of our structure for a normal price.

Extra training material
In order to make the training content your own, we have developed special materials around it to ensure the impact and long-lasting effect of the training.

That’s what makes the Superwomen Academy programmes so special and very effective.

Your Strength

Imposter Syndrome holds women back from making a career. 60% of women versus 30 % of men have experienced a lack of confidence. By learning how to cope with Imposter Syndrome you can dream bigger, dare more and achieve more.

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Your Voice

Women have higher voices than men. Research has shown that a higher voice has a negative impact on authority. With voice training, you can learn how and when to use your voice to gain the authority and impact you want.

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Your Deal

Woman are excellent negotiators but not always for themselves. To achieve your ambitions and develop your career you have to be able to negotiate on a high level, and often with men, and let’s face it, they think differently to you. This training can help you grow your confidence, salary and benefits.

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Your Ambition

Ambition is not a dirty word. In this course, you will learn how to create an ambition that fits your beliefs and goals. You will learn to give your plans definition and structure. It will provide you with the concrete steps to enable you to further develop your career.

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Your Brand

Personal branding is essential to grow your career and develop your confidence. In this training, you learn how to look the part before even getting it. You will learn how to influence the way people perceive you before even saying a word. You will be able to confidently exude your strengths and areas of expertise.

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Your Network

Create your own ‘new girls’ network’. Women are great at making connections but they often forget to ask for the deal or help they need. Learn how to network and to really make an impact on the people you meet. You will learn how you can help them and how to ask them for the help you need.

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Your Culture

Research shows that when you are a woman of colour it is even harder to build a career. Not only do you have to hold your own in a male dominated environment but also in a culture that is not yours. There is a bright side: diverse teams do/perform a lot better and are more innovative.

Your Job

You get invited for a job interview but the company does not have a lot of women in upper management. How to act, react and interact is essential to get that job. We help you prepare for the interview with hands-on advice and handy checklists. So you can get that job and grow your career.

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Your Time

We all have a lot on our plates, most women experience difficulty with saying ‘no’. They juggle work and home and end up taking too much on. This training is practical. It uses modern solutions and was designed especially for women with a recent promotion or more responsibilities in their life.

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Your Intuition

Intuition is better developed in women. If you train to use it, you make better and faster decisions on complex matters and if used properly it can even enhance your leadership skills. Perfect to grow your career.

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Your Tactics

In order to get the job, position or project you want, you need to know who decides about these things and how to influence them. Understanding business politics is crucial to be able to build a career. Let us teach you how it works.

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Your Presentation

You present your ideas, vision and product or service on an almost daily basis. But how do you create a lasting impact? How can you make your message stick? Together with our cameraman she helps you see, improve and perfect your presentation.

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Your Media

Before you even meet somebody they already know what you look like, what you do in your private time and where you have worked. Welcome to the 21st century where you make your first impression online. In order to grow your career you need to take charge of your media.

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Your Female Advantage

Find out whether you have a more male or female style of leadership and learn how you can be more authentic, confident and valued in a (male) business culture regardless of your style.

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Your Inclusive Leadership

In this master class for male and female leaders you will learn to understand and value your own male and female leadership qualities. You will learn to apply them to create more inclusive teams and see how an inclusive team is necessary to attract talent, make more profit and be more innovative. You will know how to be be an inclusive leader, lead a balanced team and be ready for the future.

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Your Sleep

Sleep is something we often think we can do without if the circumstances dictate. Research is now clear – we need to understand what sleep is and why it’s important we get enough quantity and quality. Fool yourself into thinking you can do without it at your own peril.

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Your Resiliency

Resiliency isn’t something we’re born with, it’s something we learn and develop. Like a muscle, it becomes stronger with use. Many researchers believe that resiliency when facing stressful situations, is one of the essential keys to success.

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Your Team

A training for all managers m/f who know a diverse team is needed to make more profit, attract more talent and be more innovative. How to create, lead and get the best out of a team.

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