If you want your managers to not only talk about diversity but actually do something about it.

Diversity is on most agendas within companies but still, you do not see a lot of change. Equalitypoly is a way to change intentions into actions within a safe environment and experience what results and benefits it can bring. The objective of the game is to have discussions on topics like recruitment, employer branding, company culture, management, career paths, development and of course ROI. This management board game is loosely based on Monopoly but is designed and created by the owner of Superwomen Academy, Wendy Broersen

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I would certainly recommend following one of the trainings of Superwomen Academy, it opened my eyes to the way that men negotiate and how I portray myself to others. The micro-actions are an extra bonus of the programme.

Sonja Boluijt, IR Run Specialist at ABN AMRO

By participating I enlarged my network within Erasmus MC. Sharing experiences was helping and normalising. The speakers were very interesting. I would recommend this programme whole heartedly.

Somebody, Erasmus MC
The micro-actions are fast to read and clear, almost always with a nugget of truth/wisdom which makes them useful in a practical way.
Anonymous, IR Run Specialist at ABN AMRO
I certainly recommend this programme targeted to take the next step in my career. Especially because of the personal insights I got together with practical & pragmatic tips and the network you build with the other women in the group!
Ciska de Graaf- van den Bosch, Senior Business Controller at UWV (government)

Attract, Retain, Develop and ROI

It is no coincidence the areas to achieve diversity are placed on the 4 sides of the board: Attract, Retain, Develop and ROI. Within each of these topics, we created 5 situations where the players make choices which have consequences for their team thus affecting their chances to win the game. The players who have the most balanced team (50-50 m/f), encountered the most situations and gained the most ROI will win the game. Sudden situations, actions of the other players and answering what you would do in certain situations will add or divert women and men to your team.

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