Your Ambition Training, why?

There are two kinds of ambition: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic ambition entails the search for interesting and challenging work, which is relevant to society. Extrinsic ambition is striving for promotion opportunities, power, status and money.

Men and women have the same big intrinsic ambitions but men still have greater extrinsic ambitions. They want more responsibility, long for a higher salary and strive to lead more.

Women are less focused on one target. They aim for more goals and on different levels.; knowing what you want to become, want to do, want to achieve, want to be. Women versus men have an ‘integrated career anchor’. In view of those many different goals on many different levels, a tactic to take the necessary steps  is usually absent. Women are good at connecting with people but do those contacts provde a return? And when is the time to act, or to trust growth and let go?

Source: Survey by the Dutch employment agency Unique done by communication agency Fé.

Your Trainer Marianne van Oosterom

Marianne studied Sociology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam , specialising in organisation policy and company psychology. After being employed for more than 10 years at Shell, she founded her own company which specialises in the development of people and organisations. providing training, consulting and coaching. Her specific area of expertise is creating tailor-made programmes for organisational development, leadership and personal development to help men and women with their career path.

Worked for (amongst others): KLM, ABN AMRO, Marel/Stork, Ministry of Justice, several communities, several high schools, Shell .


Your Ambition

Your Ambition is a training which is not only targeted towards knowing what you want but also towards identifying and taking the necessary steps to get there. Who can help you reach your goals? How do you approach them?

You leave this training with a clear view of the your future and a practical personal plan with the next steps to take.

Learning objectives:

• knowing what you want, when you want that to take place and under which conditions

• mapping your sphere of influence

• knowing how and where to profile yourself

• identifying what kind of steps to take and what to let go of and being able to do it

Max. 20 participants

Duration: 3 hours

Learning materials included.

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Your Ambition

In this Masterclass ambition and action come together in a personal action plan. At every phase of defining your ambitions and identifying the actions you need to take you will get plenty of individual attention and guidance. Everything to make sure you will reach your goals. After all; the only reason why you do not get where you want to go, is you.

A second training of half a day ensures you and your ambitions stay on track.

Max. 6 participants

Duration: 1.5 day

Course materials included.

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Your Ambition

It is also possible to have a tailor-made one-on-one coaching session. You decide on topics and content of this session together with the trainer. The coaching session is set a convenient date and time for both you and the trainer.

Just 1 participant

Duration: at least 3 hours

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