Your Brand Training, why?

Your first impression

54% of those questioned think a well taken care of appearance matters for a good first impression during a business meeting. We even let ourselves be guided by appearance.

Source: research YouGov assigned by Crowne Plaza and research by the University of Warwick.

Your Trainer Joanna Polak Goodman

Joanna’s passion is to transform the lives of other professionals. She qualified as an image consultant with London’s leading Image Consultancy, which compliments her previous training at the Lucie Clayton Finishing School and the London College of Fashion.

She has worked with a number of global brands delivering talks, workshops and consultations to professional groups and individual executives, helping them achieve effective gravitas, congruence and a polished presence.

‘Once you truly understand your personal impact, and you are confident how to portray the best version of yourself, then the world is truly your oyster!’

Worked for (amongst others): RBS, Cisco, Shell, PwC, ING, London Business School, EY.


Your Brand

More often than not before people even start a conversation, they have already formed their opinion of each other. This opinion is mostly based on appearance, attitude and charisma. How we see others sometimes seems even more important than who the actually are. This also applies to you, or your clients and supervisors.

This interactive workshop gives you practical insight and tips on how to handle these matters as a professional. Participants are deeply motivated to knowingly make use of their personal presentation and everything that is visible about them. The workshops are practical, educational and focused on both male and female professionals. After the workshop , participants can make the practical transition themselves and/or for others.

Learning objectives:

• enhance your inherent motivation to improve your first impression

• Broadcast to the subconscience through your personal appearance

• influence others with you appearance and charisma

• practical knowledge about first, second and third impressions

Max. 20 participants

Duration: 3 hours

Course materials included.

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Your Brand

For whom? Executives, supervisors, all those top functions and senior professionals
Have you got the substance and want to perform better and appear more charismatic? Want to present in a more relaxed way and to work on your visibility within and outside the organisation? Then the Executive Performance Coaching masterclass is something for you. You are as good as you are, I, however would love to make you visibly better.

After the masterclass, you will be closer to yourself, understand what suits you and why. As a result, you will be able to perform in a more relaxed way, even when in the spotlight. Everyone has unique talents and qualities. It is the question of manifesting those talents and qualities visibly, perceptibly and authentically. This is what we will do together. After an intake meeting, a customised programme is set up.

Max. 1 participant (1-op-1)

Duration: 1 day and some follow-up sessions

Especially for: Executives, members of the board and senior professionals.

Course materials included.

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