Training Your Intuition, why?

Think before you start. Creating a sound judgement is traditionally seen as a true rational process. This is not properly, according to social psychologist Koen Dijkstra. He got his PhD on the subject of trusting the added value of intuition when forming a judgement.

The traditional image that women have a better intuition than men is not established in his research. ‘The underlying mechanism is the same for both men and women. But women may base their decisions more often on intuition. How the mechanisme works is the same for both sexes.’

Our intuition is 200.000 times faster than our rational thinking. How do you take advantage from this? Performing under pressure, taking decisions quickly, prevent stress and persuading others effortlessly are just a few examples.

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Your Trainer Jolien Slavenburg

olien Slavenburg coaches managers, CEO’s and entrepreneurs in learning to trust their own power and intuition leading to having an impact suited to your inner style. Jolien receives constant confirmation that intuitive leadership is a condition for growth and transformation in each organisation and company.

Besides her own company she for Nijenrode University in the Leadership Programme.

Worked for o.a.: Ernst&Young, Nationale Nederlanden, Koninklijke Marechaussee, ’s Heerenloo, Greenleaf, Nijenrode.


Your Intuition

In this training you will learn how using your intuition will help you to enhance your impact.

What drives you to know exactly what to do in one situation or keep muddling along in another case? You will learn how to assess quickly what is going on in complex situations. And to use your intuition to make the right decisions in these cases. You will also learn how to take along others in this process.

Learning objectives:

• Make choices faster using your intuition

• Using intuition to persuade others

Max. 20 participants

Duration: 3 hours

Teaching materials included

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Your Intuition

In this masterclass you will learn essential strategies to use your intuition responsibly in taking important decisions. This will break barriers to take the right steps. You will discover the attractive power that develops when you truly stand for your course. This will clear your path towards business success from relaxation and vigor.

Learning objectives:

• Make choices faster using your intuition

• Gaining personal and business focus

• Creating your optimal environment for success

Max. 1 participant

Duration: 1 day, plus intake session and preparation assignments

Wrap up meeting afterwards

Including coffee/tea, lunch and snack

Course materials included.

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Your Intuition

It is also possible to have a tailor-made one-on-one coaching session. You decide on topics and content of this session together with the trainer. The coaching session is set a convenient date and time for both you and the trainer.

Just 1 participant

Duration: at least 3 hours

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