Training Your Resiliency, why?

“Resilience in the face of stressful situations and rapid changes determines whether you ultimately succeed or fail in the workplace. It allows you to thrive even in tumultuous conditions, to turn potential disasters into growth opportunities.”

Source: The American Management Association

Your Trainer Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane founded her company, Creating Waves, recognizing that life is full of challenges and setbacks. Her belief? With the proper knowledge and tools, anyone can improve their resiliency to whatever life brings onto their path, and thrive.

Mary Jane is also an Executive Board member at PWN Amsterdam. This is part of PWN Global, a network with an overarching goal of achieving gender-balanced leadership and supporting women growing in their careers. She is a volunteer with Bridge2Hope, a Dutch project which supports human trafficked survivors.

Worked for, among others: Deloitte, SportCity, Estec, Statoil, Erasmus University, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, PwC, Erasmus Medical Center, College Hageveld, SecMan and Liberty Global.


Your Resiliency

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” Steve Maraboli
The University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Department defines Resilience as follows: “It is the ability to bounce back from adversity and the ability to grow from challenges.“

Resiliency isn’t something we’re born with, it’s something we learn and develop. Like a muscle, it becomes stronger with use. Many researchers believe that resiliency when facing stressful situations, is one of the essential keys to success.

In this 3 hour session, you will receive practical, simple, yet very effective resiliency strategies, exercises, tips and tools which you can easily implement in your daily life. We will share what stress is and why it’s so important to develop strategies for quickly making stress your friend. You will have the ability to experience greater emotional agility, learning how to:

Learning objectives:

• Create supportive coping strategies

• Know your strengths and put them into action

• Develop self-awareness skills

• Gain clarity about your purpose

• Take care of # 1 by making more supportive choices

Max. 20 participants

Duration: 3 hours

Learning materials included.

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Your Resiliency

It is also possible to have a tailor-made one-on-one resiliency coaching session. The topic and content of this session will be decided upon, together with the Mary Jane. The coaching session is set a convenient date and time for both you and the coach, in her Leiderdorp office.

Just 1 participant

Duration: at least 3 hours

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