Your Time Training, why?

Research has shown that 49% of the women interviewed said they did not have enough time (for themselves to do the things they like not because they have to). Almost half of the women find 1.5 hours or more of free time per day, 25% less then 25 minutes per day and 4% says they do not have any free time at all.

Source: article and FWI survey ‘Women and time: setting a new agenda’.

Your Trainer Clare Evans

She is one of the leading experts on helping you to organise your time more effectively, improve your productivity, grow your business more quickly and easily, while cutting down the time you spend at work and allowing you to live a more enjoyable stress-free life. Author of the best-selling ‘Time Management for Dummies’, 30 Day Time Challenge and Working Through Cancer.

She works with Business Owners, Legal and Financial service professionals at partner and director level who are juggling multiple priorities, managing teams and working longer hours than they want.

Worked for (amongst others): Europe Axess Media Ltd, Scott Gould, Insights on Foods, B&H Chamber, Brighton Chamber, Parkers Ltd., Simpsons wealth Management, Cognitive Law Ltd.,Best Events and Best Life Group, Positively Inclusive.


Your Time

Learn how to manage your time. Set your priorities and learn how to make choices based on those priorities. Time management is about setting goals, setting priorities, setting (work) boundaries and rearranging your workspace/computer and workforces. So you can leave work with a content feeling and no guilt at the end of the day.

Learning objectives:

• organising your inbox

• know what aspects give you positive or negative stress

• setting your goals for the near future

• making those goals visible in your calendar

• win at least 30 minutes spare time per day

Max. 20 participants

Duration: 3 hours

Course materials included.

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Your Time

How do you decide what is important to spend time on? Learn how time management can improve communication and results within your organisation. Recognise work stress and know which tools you can use to manage that stress. That results in more happiness and less sick leave. Time management is about learning new behaviour. To make sure change is sustainable there will be regular feedback and contact sessions via Skype for 3 months after the Masterclass.

Learning objectives:

• you can manage time and guard your calendar

• setting priorities and make better time related choices

• recognise and reduce work stress within your team/with your employees

• you win 30 minutes of time per day to spend on you

•your team members/ employees win 30 minutes of time per day

Max. 6 participants

Duration: 1 day and 3 1/2 Zoom/Skype sessions

Course materials included.

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Your Time

It is also possible to have a tailor-made one-on-one coaching session. You decide on topics and content of this session together with the trainer. The coaching session is set a convenient date and time for both you and the trainer.

Just 1 participant

Duration: at least 3 hours

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